Let’s be honest; no one person on this planet enjoys the idea of chatting with a stranger about your financial situation. That’s why we might “cringe” at the thought of going in and chatting with a lender in the home buying process. However uncomfortable this may be, it’s imperative that we overcome that feeling and seek out a pre approval.

There are countless reasons why getting a pre approval is smart, if not necessary at the beginning stages of your home buying journey. To start, you might want to consider the following points below.

Stand out from other buyers in a competitive market

In a competitive market, your “dream home” could be snatched at any second by another homebuyer. I wouldn’t wish that gut-wrenching feeling upon anyone. it’s essential to get pre approved beforehand so that you have a leg up on your competition. Seller's agents won’t take an offer without a pre approval seriously and will likely accept the offer from a buyer who has all of their ducks in a row ahead of time.

Be proactive with your credit score

The earlier you get pre approved, the more time you have to correct any errors that arise on your credit report. It’s a good idea to get an understanding of what your credit situation is so that you can have ample time to correct the issues before you truly are ready to buy a home.

Know your budget

We all have an idea of what we would like to pay on a mortgage, but that does not dictate the amount we are actually able to buy. Factors like credit score, down payment, salary, and monthly liabilities all contribute to your home buying power. In getting pre approved, we will know exactly what our purchasing power is so that we are able to look at homes within our means.

As you can tell, I highly suggest getting pre approved early on in the home buying process. If you have any questions regarding pre approval, or are interested in talking to one of our preferred lenders, shoot me a message and i’ll do my best to help you.